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Celebrate your love for the horror movie franchise "Leprechaun" with these spooktacular enamel pins and socks! Six different pins and various variants from independent artists from some of the top horror merchandise companies and independent artists! SAVE BIG and check out our 5 or 6 enamel pin sets with or without socks. ONLY FOR THE DIE-HARD LEPRECHAUN FANS.. Check out our EXCLUSIVE 6 killer pin, sock and 7 movie DVD set! SAVE MONEY AND GET A FREE PIN AND A FREE 7 MOVIE DVD SET!!! This spooktacular gift set is the perfect gift for you or a fiend that loves all things Leprechaun! Watch all 7 of the movies in the Leprechaun horror movie franchise while wearing your Leprechaun socks, adding 6 rare and exclusive pins to your collection and enjoying some festive Ghoulish Goodies!!! This creeptastic set is wrapped and packaged like a mystery box and contains lots of bonus festive Ghoulish Goodies!!!! These pins, socks and sets are EXTREMELY LIMITED so get yours today before your luck runs out!!!!! www.ghoulishgoodies.net

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